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Water and wastewater management

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Water and wastewater management
Water and wastewater management solutions are engineering solutions that are very effective in different processes of water and wastewater treatment plants.
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Water and wastewater Solutions that offered by Unicatecno Company
Water and wastewater management is another industry with technical infrastructures and industrial sites. Our company is also active in this industry. We bring various solutions to technical issues in this industry.
Water management is an urban process in which various sources of clean water are gathered and distributed to citizens. This process involves many technical processes in which mechanical engineering is highly used. We bring our different solutions for these processes.
Wastewater management is somehow a more technical activity in which wastewater should be processed to remove contaminants and return it to the water cycle with an acceptable impact on the environment. The wastewater treatment plant is the place in which these processes take place and it includes various containers and mechanisms that should be done on wastewater. Our company provides many solutions for these activities, including packaging services of these systems, which could be used entirely on its own and there is no need for other technical or engineering parts.

Water and wastewater management activities

The goal of water and wastewater management is to clean and protect water. This means they have somehow the same task, though their primary resources of activities are different. Nowadays, wastewater management is something more than leading wastewater to nature after water is used. Even when there is a plan to dispose of wastewater in such places, it should be done under conditions that are not harmful to humans or living organisms in nature. Contaminants should be removed and some technical procedures are used to make sure that they are properly treated. Wastewater is full of contaminants containing bacteria, chemicals, and other toxins. It should be reduced to an acceptable level to make the water safe for returning to the environment.

There are two main types of wastewater treatment plants:

  • Physical wastewater treatment plants
  • Biological wastewater treatment plants

Physical wastewater treatment plants use physical processes as well as chemical reactions to treat wastewater and turn it to clean water that could become back to the water cycle. Biological wastewater treatment plants use biological matter and bacteria to disinfect wastewater. The last one is ideal for treating wastewater from homes and urban places, while Physical wastewater treatment plants are mostly helpful to treat industrial wastewater.

Main steps in wastewater management

It is a long process with various steps and procedures in which various contaminants would be removed from wastewater. The following steps should take place in this process:

Wastewater Collection
The first step is to collect wastewater. For this procedure, wastewater collection systems should put in place to ensure that all the wastewater is collected and lead to the treatment plant.
Odor control
The first step in the treatment plant is odor control. As you know wastewater contains a lot of dirty substances that cause a foul smell. The first step in the plant is using chemicals to neutralize these smell producing elements.
This process is simply to remove large objects from wastewater, such as plastics, diapers, rags, sanitary items, broken bottles, etc. this process helps wastewater machinery work properly, and it should be done before more processings.
Primary Treatment
In this step, the macrobiotic solid matter should be separated from the wastewater. It should be done by pouring the wastewater into big tanks and containers to settle the solid matter at the surface of these tanks.
Secondary Treatment
This process involves adding seed sludge to the wastewater to make sure that it is broken down further. This step leads to the production of large solid particles that settle down at the bottom of the huge containers. Wastewater in this step should pass through these containers for 3-6 hours
Bio-Solids handling
This process involves digesters, which are heating containers for separating some solid particles from wastewater. This process releases methane gases that can be used as a source of energy.
Tertiary Treatment
This step can remove up to 99% of impurities from the wastewater. This process provides effluent water that is very close to drinking water quality. It is a technical process with special equipment and chemicals.
After all these processes there are still some diseases causing organisms in the treated wastewater. In this process, the wastewater should be infected in tanks that contain a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and chlorine.

Unicatecno Company Solutions for water and wastewater management

Our company offers many services for this industry. We provide engineering solutions, packaging solutions, and procurement solutions for these processes. Our packaging solutions include pre-designed systems that can be assembled in the place to bring all technical requirements for water and wastewater treatment procedures. We offer also engineering and technical services for the companies that are active in this industry.