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Delivering Innovation Services

Total Solution, Maintenance, and Overhaul Services

In line with total solution services concept, Unicatecno is delivering maintenance and overhaul services of rotating machinery by the development of a maintenance & overhaul facility also staffing a wide range of mechanical, instrumentation, and control technicians and engineers, technical advisors, and project managers. Unicatecno can provide:

Major Overhaul and Periodic Inspections, Field Services
Life Time Assessment (LTA) and Life Time Extension (LTE)
Repair and Re-conditioning of Hot Gas Path Parts
Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA)
Site based installation and commissioning
Manufacturing & Production
We are capable to plan and manufacture high technology parts and assemblies
We provide delivery of professional procurement services to clients
Upgrades / Uprates
Unicatecno can assist owners and operators in the implementation of various enhancements to different gas turbine models
Manufacturing and Production

By having the required information in-hand, Unicatecno is capable to plan and manufacture high technology parts and assemblies. The information for production and manufacturing of each product will be extracted from original drawings or by using reverse engineering procedures from existing parts which could be transformed into required documents for manufacturing.
Unicatecno has been granted several manufacturing projects by its client with a vast diversity of type and complexity. Among them are high-tech parts like gas turbine parts, high-speed turbo expander impellers, stationary and rotary blades, microturbine complete rotor, and high-speed turbine gear sets.


One of the most important fields of our activities is the delivery of professional procurement services to clients. Bringing this goal into reality, Unicatecno has developed a professional supply chain team to support client needs and its own requirements for maintenance and supply projects. We can offer:
1. Complete Packages
2. OEM and Non-OEM Aftermarket Spare Parts
3. Supply of second-hand turbines with complete spare parts
Currently, we are handling several procurement services to our clients including the delivery of complete turbo generator and turbo compressor packages, hot gas path, and cold section parts of rotating machinery.

Upgrades / Uprates

Unicatecno can assist owners and operators in the implementation of various enhancements to different gas turbine models. There are numerous modifications and upgrades (uprates) that can be made to improve the performance and output of your gas turbine. Such enhancements may involve a combination of changes with parts, control system upgrade, control curve alterations, rotor modifications and the incorporation of advanced sealing techniques. Uprates are typically performed during a major inspection of the equipment in order to reduce overall cost and improve the return on investment. Also, we provide tailor-made Condition Monitoring, Performance & Vibration Monitoring system solution for your critical asset.

Why Unicatecno?

Unicatecno is an independent product and service provider offering engineering solutions, maintenance support, and service to owners and operators of gas turbine equipment manufactured by major OEMs. Unicatecno provides an unparalleled combination of responsiveness, dependability, and quality to customers in the industrial and power generation markets worldwide.

Unicatecno is a leading provider of component repair services and spare parts for heavy and light industrial gas turbines. With Unicatecno, you receive:

Personalized customer service
Faster response time
Emergency service
Global support
Knowledgeable sales and manufacturing staff
On-time delivery
Quality control you can depend on
Significant reduction in cost relative to the OEM
Warranty coverage that meets or exceeds the OEM

The Next Generation of Maintenance & Repair Solutions

Unicatecno uses state-of-the-art techniques to supply, inspect and refurbish combustion, compressor and turbine section components manufactured by leader OEMs. Our Staff has considerable knowledge in the repair of heavy & light industrial gas turbine components and our global presence ensures a quick response to your individual needs. Our repair process includes a thorough inspection and detailed condition assessment.

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