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Spare Parts Contract

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Spare Parts Contract is a solution that Unicatecno offers to its industrial customers who need quality spare parts for their technical procedures, whether for short-term or long-term.


Spare Parts Contract

Unicatecno Company offers spare parts contracts to various industrial companies that need this service for their machinery or products. We provide two different kinds of these contracts for our respective clients: Long-term spare parts contract & Short-term spare parts contract

In both of these services, we assess the technical aspects of our client’s industry and analysis their needs for various spare parts. If we conclude that these parts can not be repaired and replacing spare parts is a requirement, we start resourcing spare parts with the best qualities and lowest prices from the best suppliers in the world.

It should be noted that we only offer original spare parts that are made to use in our client’s machinery or products. Additionally, according to our contract, we will provide a service to lower these parts’ damages. By doing some little changes and producing technical reports, we lead our clients toward improving plants and reducing various costs of repairing and replacing spare parts.

Long-term spare parts contract

When an industrial company is interested in this service, we try to analyze various technical requirements of their industry to have a good idea about their needs. Many industrial companies need various spare parts that are very important for their production and operation. In such cases, we will check and find these spare parts that should be resourced from our industrial partners that are some of the best suppliers of spare parts in the world. After negotiating with these suppliers, we will inform our client about the various conditions of our long-term contract.

After making a long-term contract, our company tries its best to improve the technical process of machinery in our client’s company. Then our company undergoes the responsibility of checking and maintaining the machinery of our partner company that has long-term spare parts contract with us. We offer our best technical and resourcing solutions to our long-term clients that believe in our potential in delivering the most suitable spare parts for their needs.

Short-term spare parts contract

Sometimes, our clients are not familiar with our company and services but have the interest to work with us, at least for short-term or just for one contract. That’s just fine; we are here to make reliable relationships with industrial companies. Short-term spare parts contracts are ideal for those companies that have problems with their machinery, but for various reasons don’t want to establish long term cooperation with spare parts providers. In these cases, our team tries to analyze their needs to find the best proper spare parts for their machinery.

As we mentioned earlier, we offer our services with our company’s values, which are creativity, affordability, and quality. In providing various kinds of spare parts contracts, we also try to offer and implement our values in our solutions. Hence, in providing spare parts for various industrial needs, we offer the best quality spare parts that come with cheap prices that are very affordable for our respective clients. Unicatecno Company’s slogan is “Ideas beyond Imagination”, meaning that we offer solutions that are more suitable than what our customers expect.