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Other industries & Innovative solutions

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Other industries & Innovative solutions
Unicatecno Company is an engineering solutions provider company that is active in different industries and offers innovative services.
What we do
Unicatecno Innovative solutions for other industries
Unicatecno Company is an engineering solutions provider company that is active in different industries and offers three main services:
- Engineering and Technical Solutions
- Packaging Services
- Procurement Services

Our company provides these services for different industrial companies that are active in various sectors. We also offer some other contracts and services such as construction contracts, maintenance contracts, revamping contracts, spare parts contract, various engineering services in the field of Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Renewable Energy, Solid Waste Management, Water and Wastewater Treatment, and other Energy Industry Solutions.

Our Engineering and Technical Solutions

This part of Unicatecno Company's activity is somehow its most important task that should be done with ultimate attention regarding our triple values: creativity, affordability, and quality. We believe our engineering solution necessarily should be creative to offer new ideas to our clients. For this reason, in offering these solutions, first, we try to analyze and reassess the systems and machinery from various aspects to find the best possible options for that. Most of the time, our solutions include small changes in technical procedures and mechanisms that can improve the process of production.
In offering our solutions, we always try to offer an affordable proposal to our respective clients. We believe affordability is an intrinsic value that should be considered in all our offers. These features make us one of the most reliable engineering services providers that many companies from different industries are happy to cooperate with.

Our Packaging Services

Unicatecno Company offers professional packaging services for industrial plants and projects. These services include various industrial systems that are pre-made and just need to be installed on the site to become operational. In other words, they can be used to provide a total system in the fastest possible time.

Unicatecno Company’s packaging services also follow its triple criteria of creativity, affordability, and quality. In other words, we try our best to offer a system that works properly according to our client’s needs that comes inexpensive. This is a helpful service that could be used by new companies that need new machinery and systems.

Our Procurement Services

We also offer site procurement services for new companies and those companies that are growing as large as they need new equipment and machinery. Unicatecno Company has some partnerships with the biggest and the most reliable supplier across the world to offer procurement services to its respective clients. Thus, our clients can make sure that they will get the best results from this service. The best quality machinery and equipment, original pieces, and spare parts, and also our support services are among the benefits of our procurement services.

As an engineering solution providing company, Unicatecno Company always tries to offer its services from a technical point of view in which the total process of industrial production goes under analysis to find the best possible options. That’s also true about our procurement services that are very useful for new companies that need to procure their plants. Again, in offering procurement services, also we try to offer a solution that meets our triple criteria: creative, affordable, and quality.