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Environmental Engineering

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Environmental Engineering
Unicatecno Company provides you the Environmental Engineering solutions for various tasks in this multidisciplinary field.
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Unicatecno solutions for nearly all fields of environmental projects
Unicatecno Company provides Environmental Engineering solutions for various tasks in this field, such as wastewater management, air and water pollution control, waste disposal, recycling, and public health.
Environmental Engineering is a new discipline that tries to solve different problems that can damage the environment and life of organisms. The main goals of this industry include:
- Protect human health
- Protect nature ecosystems
- Improve the environmental-related quality of human life
Unicatecno Company believes that these goals should be embedded in their various activities. As creativity, affordability, and quality are our basic values, we believe that these values could not be achieved via activities that hurt the environment.

Environmental Engineering Applications

Environmental Engineering is a multi-disciplinary professional engineering discipline that includes different scientific topics like biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, hydrology, hydraulics, microbiology, and mathematics to create protective solutions for various environmental problems that affect our quality of life. Environmental engineers are professionals, who study the harmful effects of technological advances on the environment, and are technically aware of worldwide environmental issues such as global warming, ozone depletion, water pollution, and air pollution. In the following, we will introduce different applications of this discipline to bring some light on our activities.

Water and Wastewater Management

Treatment and distribution of drinking water and the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater is an indissociable part of environmental engineering. This discipline is not so much new, as several ancient civilizations are known for their creative solutions for this urban problem. Modern application of this discipline, however, uses various technological means to study different dangerous and hazardous conditions and makes use of technological advances to protect people from water and wastewater problems.

Unicatecno Company is active in this kind of study and tries to use the best possible options to make sure there could not be any water and wastewater issues regarding its various engineering activities. Our company participates in environmental engineering activities with the help of our professional teams in this field.

Water Pollution
The water environment is one of the most important needs for humans and other living beings. With increased industrialization the pressure on water resources became a reality as the availability of clean water is now decreased significantly. This problem is a fatal issue that affects the way we used to live as human beings on the planet. That’s why we think it should be considered very seriously, especially in industrial-scale projects that have a large impact on the water environment and the environment in general. Unicatecno Company is proud that it is not associated with those industrial projects that hurt our environment. However, this company is determined to participate in environmental engineering projects to reduce water pollution and make drinking and clean water more available.
Air Pollution
This environmental issue is one of those problems that affect our life's quality very significantly. It brings much harm to our and other living being's health and is very dangerous and deadly in particular for old and sensitive people. Air pollution is a direct result of industrialization and urbanization of our civilizations, which can not be solved if left on its own. Unicatecno Company believes in using effective methods with fewer issues for the environment and the quality of air. This could be done with the use of more advanced technologies that are justified for this reason. Our environmental engineering department responsibly tries to assess various technical methods regarding their effect on the environment, to bring the most affordable and creative solutions to reduce air pollution.

Waste Management

Another important activity that can help our environment is waste management. Our company tries its best to provide creative and affordable solutions regarding approaches that can lower environmental issues like waste management. Hence, our activities include various methods and technics that can improve the quality of waste management. We believe that several tasks can help this process to be done suitably, and it’s up to us to undergo these tasks to have a quality life on this planet.

Waste Recycling

As we mentioned in the previous sections, we see environmental issues as a matter of our responsibility, even when we have nothing to do with its causes. Waste recycling is a complicated system that should be designed properly to be effective. Our environmental engineering team is active in designing such systems that don’t bring any harm to the environment. They try to offer the best possible options for various engineering problems without any damage to environmental resources.