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Renewable energy

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Renewable energy
Unicatecno solutions for renewable energy collection from natural renewable sources such as sunlight, wind, water, and other free available resources.
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Unicatecno solutions for renewable energy
Increased industrialization in recent centuries used large amounts of fuels to achieve the required development of societies. As you might know, the resources of these energies are limited. In recent years, the lack of reliable resources for these kinds of energies lead to the exploration of renewable resources of energy. Natural resources of energies such as wind, sunlight, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat are used to produce various consumable energies like electricity and air and water heating/cooling systems.

Unicatecno Company Solutions for Renewable Energy

Unicatecno Company as an engineering company provides many offers and solutions for implanting and using renewable energies. These activities include various technical services for generating power from alternative energy resources that we discussed above. As we mentioned earlier, creativity, affordability, and quality are our most important values that have great importance in all our activities. It should be noted that renewable energy by definition is an affordable power resource, and its quality relies on its effect on nature and the environment.

Our company offers many solutions for these kinds of activities. As we mentioned in this text, several technical devices and systems are required to collect and convert natural sources of energy into usable energy that can be stored. We provide all technical and engineering solutions that are needed for this activity.

Renewable Energy types

Renewable energy could be collected from the natural resources that we mentioned above. It often provides energy in three important areas:

  •        Power generation
  •        Heating
  •        Transportation

It is also used in rural places as a multi-purpose energy source that provides the required energy for household uses. To produce energy for these areas, various sources of renewable energies are used, such as:

  •        Solar Energy
  •        Wind Energy
  •        Hydro Energy
  •        Tidal Energy
  •        Geothermal Energy
  •        Biomass Energy

These types of energies are collected by different devices and systems that are sensitive to these elements. In the following, we will introduce these types of renewable energies.

Solar Energy
Sunlight is one of the most abundant and free available energy resources on our planet. Solar energy is a great resource for renewable energy that could be used for different needs. Solar panels that absorb sunlight to generate electrical power are the most common tools for collecting solar energy. They are popular and could be used to generate household energy for various electrical devices.
Wind Energy
The wind is another reliable source of clean energy. This kind of energy can not collect in households, because to generate electricity from wind energy, turbines are needed to drive generators which then produce electricity. You probably saw this kind of turbines that are planted at places with a lot of wind.
Hydro Energy
One of the most commercially developed resources of clean energy. Large dams produce a reservoir that can be used to create a flow of water that will drive a turbine that generates electricity. This energy source is more reliable than solar and wind power and also allows storing this electricity for use in the future.
Tidal Energy
Tidal energy is a form of hydro energy that uses tidal currents or waves to drive turbine generators. This is somehow the most reliable resource of clean energy that is also very predictable.
Geothermal Energy
This kind of energy resource is located right below our feet. The natural heat below the surface of the earth can be used to generate electricity or to heat homes directly. This resource of clean energy is available in different amounts in various regions.
Biomass Energy
This type of renewable energy resource burns plant materials to produce heating and use heating to generate electricity. This process uses various materials such as agricultural, industrial, and domestic waste into various types of fuels to generate power. This technology is very affordable both economical and environmental.

Our Solutions for Renewable Energy

Our company offers its solutions in three different ways: providing engineering services, providing packaging options in which all parts and components of a sophisticated system are included, and procurement services. We provide these services for different businesses and industries and in offering them, we often care about creativity, affordability, and quality.

Renewable energy, nowadays, is a global trend that tries to increase the usage of natural renewable resources to generate power for different needs of our modern societies.