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Procurement Contract

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Procurement Contract is a solution that Unicatecno provides to its clients that need procurement service for their industrial sites and factories.


Procurement Contract

Many companies need procurement services to provide and buy various machinery and equipment they need for their industrial processes. Unicatecno Company cooperates with the best equipment suppliers in the world to deliver the best original equipment and parts in the fastest possible time with the best quality. It is not so much easy to find the best resources of equipment for certain requirements of various industries without knowing the technical procedures that are involved in using these types of equipment. As an engineering company, we offer our procurement contract with responsibility for the effectiveness of our service.

Depending on the type of the required equipment and machinery, we also provide engineering suggestions for our clients and don’t leave our client on his/her own in different phases of choosing, buying, and installing the equipment. With a long experience in this field, we can help our respective clients to establish their machinery and equipment without any need to further technical services. Our company provides all the material and parts from the best suppliers in the world to make sure its solutions are affordable and suitable for respective clients.

Unicatecno Company procurement service

Our procurement service is suitable for new companies that try to establish their equipment and machinery, as well as old companies that need to replace some machinery or equipment with new ones. In both conditions, we first try to assess and analyze various technical needs of our clients, then with cooperating with our partners, we try to offer the best possible solutions for their needs. After making a contract with the client, we will deliver the required machinery or equipment at the cheapest possible prices to our client’s location.

We make various kinds of relationships with other companies active in different industries. We offer both long-term and short-term services to our clients. In long-term cooperation, we try our best to have close contact with our clients to find their needs and to satisfy these needs as soon as possible. In our short-term cooperation, our focus is on providing the best possible solutions to our respective clients, intending to make longer cooperation.

Our values in procurement contract

Unicatecno Company has three main values that should be present in its various services and solutions, namely creativity, affordability, and quality. We believe that these values are interconnected, creativity without affordability has no clue, and affordability without the quality is not a thing to seek after. For this reason in offering our procurement solutions, we try to provide the most creative plans for our clients that are usually something more than what they expected. As we mentioned earlier, our main advantage is our deep belief in creativity.

We try to deliver the most creative, affordable, and quality solutions to our clients. In doing so, we use our long experience in this field. This experience had led us to establish long-term cooperations with some of the best equipment and machinery suppliers in the world. And they are our reliable resources in offering procurement contracts to our dear clients.