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Power Plant industry

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Power Plant industry
Unicatectno provides different solutions for different types of power plants in nearly all fields of this industry.
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Power plant industry
Different types of solutions provided by Unicatecno
Power plants or power stations are industrial facilities for the generation of electric power. They are often connected to an electrical grid. Generally, power plants have one or more generators, a rotating machine that uses mechanical power to generate electrical power.
Depending on what type of energy is used to activate these generators, power plants vary from each other. Most power plants use fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas to produce and generate electricity. But increasing usages of clean or renewable energies are also reported across the world, such as solar, wind, wave, and other natural renewable resources of energy.

Unicatecno Company Solutions for Power Plants

Unicatecno Company is a technical and engineering company that provides various solutions for technical issues. Our company offers many solutions for power plant mechanisms and systems. We offer engineering solutions on-site to established power plants and also provide procurement and packaging services for these kinds of projects.

Our packaging solutions are total finished working systems that are ready to install and assemble to bring their technical functions. These solutions are very ideal for those companies and industrial businesses that need a complete system as soon as possible.

We also offer procurement services for those clients who need to establish a new industrial system according to local resources and requirements. Our technical consultancy solutions will help our clients in finding the best possible solutions for their industrial engineering issues. As we mentioned earlier, our main values include creativity, affordability, and quality are the most important factors in our solutions. This can not be done without enough analysis of real conditions and problems of existing companies working in this industry.

Power plants types

Several types of power plants are operating in various parts of the world. In a general view, one can categorize all these systems by different procedures and energies resources that they use to generate electrical power. Some of the most common power plants include:

  •        Fossil-fuel power plants
  •        Geothermal power plants
  •        Biomass-fuelled power plants
  •        Hydroelectric power plants
Fossil-fuel power plants
These plants use fossil-fuel to produce heating power that moves a turbine generator which converts mechanical power to electrical power. These are the most common power plants across the world, and they use various fossil-fuel types such as coal, oil and gas, and other types of resources to make required heating. This type of power plant is almost the oldest type of power plant and that’s why they are so common in various countries. However, they are not so much environment-friendly and harm the environment.
Hydroelectric power plants
These power plants don’t use heating energy to move their mechanical turbines, but they rather use water to run generators. Generally, they involve creating a barrier to store water and keep it from flowing at an uncontrollable rate and then pass water through turbines to generate electricity. These plants use clean energy as a resource for generating electrical power. They don’t have contamination effects of regular heating power plants, but they also involve in manipulating environmental resources.
Geothermal power plants
This type of power plant is not so common and is regarded as an experimental resource of power. The required heating energy to move a turbine to produce mechanical power required to generate electricity in these plants comes from heating below the earth's surface.
Biomass-fuelled power plants
These plants also burn fuels to bring required heating, but it does not use fossil-fuels, instead uses biomass-fuelled such as waste from sugar cane, solid waste, and other forms of biomass to produce heating. This type of power plants is very friendly with the environment and there is an increasing demand for them.