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Maintenance Contract

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Maintenance Contract is a contract by which one company takes responsibility for maintenance of the machinery and equipments for a short or long time.


Maintenance Contract

A maintenance contract is another service from Unicatecno Company for its clients across the world. Our company offers two kinds of contracts for maintenance services: Long-term maintenance contract & Short-term maintenance contract

In the process of operations, we assess the costs and deliver it as a report to the client. We also deliver our schedule of planning and repairs, spare parts list, required tests, and all procedures in the report form to our respective clients.

And finally, we progress all steps with total accuracy and high standards to make sure that your plant is always in the best condition.

Long-term maintenance contract

Our long-term maintenance contracts have a longer schedule and we take responsibility for the maintenance of all systems in an industrial site for a long time (more than a year). This type of contract is very important for us and we try our best to make sure that every part of any equipment works suitably and according to our analysis. In long-term maintenance contracts, our company uses its technical and engineering background and knowledge to draw a big image of the total process. By doing this, we identify the real requirements of the system and use smart ways to handle these requirements.

Unicatecno Company offers its long-term maintenance contracts to those respective industrial sites and activities that need technical and engineering support for their machinery in the long-term with low costs. In these contracts, we will deal with the way we should deliver our services and if it is needed, we use our teams in the place to deliver our services.

Short-term maintenance contract

Another form of our maintenance service is a short-term maintenance contract. These contracts vary from one service contract to continual services that long less than a year. As we mentioned earlier, we offer our maintenance services with technical analysis and deliver this information to our client in the report form. This means our maintenance service is the same process whether in long-term or short-term contracts. However, in short-term maintenance contracts, we try our best to maintain the company in a productive condition.

Unicatecno Company is an engineering company with the advantage of accurate engineering vision about small parts involved in industrial scale activities. Because of this, we always try to offer our solutions with the least possible costs that could be done in the fastest possible time. This is something that is achieved after many years of experience in this field.

Maintenance contracts are one of the most sensitive services that our company offers. They are sensitive because the entire operation of a company relies on them and we should take responsibility for the whole process of the company. In offering these services, we try our best to have all the technical aspects of the machinery and equipment under our control. Additionally, we try to optimize these procedures using our company background and deep knowledge to cut unrequired costs from our respective clients.