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Engineering Contract

Unicatecno Engineering Contracts
and their advantages

Engineering Contract is a service that Unicatecno Company provides for industial clients in different industries and sectors, with a focus on creativity, affordability, and quality.


Engineering Contract

Our advantage relies on our engineering processes and we want to make efficient these processes, and we think out of the box. To achieve our goals whether, in these processes or design, we find ideas that are creative and affordable at the same time, which reduce the costs and sometimes provide even better results for our customers.

Many companies when designing a plant, then will try to improve that plant or think about the same technology. But we try to don’t follow others in design and using technologies and deliver our solutions to various engineering problems.

Unicatecno Company is an engineering and technology company that helps various industrial players with our solutions in different fields of activity. We believe in values such as creativity, affordability, and quality; values that should be present in all solutions that we provide to our respective clients.

Unicatecno Company engineering vision

Our company’s main focus is on providing creative solutions that are at the same time affordable and quality. We try to bring these solutions in various phases of our activity, from design and technical assessments to various engineering processes that we are involved in.

We make our relationships with our clients in two major ways, meaning long term and short term cooperations. Our long-term contracts are made with our partners that are those loyal clients who believe in our company’s values. These clients will benefit from our services without any risk for the lack of our technology helps in the future.

Our company also provides short term cooperation with those companies that need temporary engineering or technical services. These companies can make short term cooperation contract with our company to find our services in their places without any worry about factors such as suitability, quality, and effectiveness.

What makes us unique?

Our company’s slogan is “Ideas beyond Imagination”. It means that we provide solutions that are somehow present in the condition. In other words, we don’t use external technology to solve our client’s problems, but we try to develop their technologies to solve that problem. Unicatecno Company provides effective solutions for various engineering processes with the least possible costs.

We use our knowledge and experiences in this field to provide the most effective solutions for our respective clients. In doing this, we try to present our values, which are creativity, affordability, and quality. By creativity, we mean that our solutions are not simply the easiest way to get out of the problem, but they are the best way to make the technical condition more stable. These solutions are also affordable because we believe that an important part of our activity relies on providing an affordable solution for engineering issues. Finally, we think the quality is a necessary condition for all our solutions, without which we can not even last for a long time. That’s why we believe in these values as the most important factors that should be present in different services that our company provides.