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Oil & Gas industry

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Oil & Gas industry
Oil & gas industry or energy sector is the biggest sector in the world and includes three main areas of activities: upstream, midstream, and downstream activities
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The biggest sector in the world in terms of market cap, the oil and gas industry generating hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year. This industry is of the greatest importance for our modern societies in which various machines, devices, and vehicles are operating and use fuels. This sector includes many businesses and companies working to produce various products that are used for different needs.
The oil and gas industry uses modern types of machinery and industrial-scale systems to explore, pump, transport, refine, and convert various materials to different final products. These processes are highly technical, and engineering procedures are predominant in this area of activities. In the following, we will introduce this industry and its internal divisions to inform you about our services and solutions for this sector.

Unicatecno Solutions
for oil and gas industry

Unicatecno Company is somehow specialized in this field by providing various technical solutions for a variety of companies working in different parts of this industry.

These solutions include technical and engineering services for upstream, midstream, and downstream companies and businesses.

We provide all technical support required for these activities with a focus on our values, which are creativity, affordability, and the quality of our offers.

We bring our engineering knowledge and experience to the energy sector companies that are active in different technical tasks in the field of oil and gas.


Oil and Gas sector companies

Many activities should be done from finding an oil resource (for example, an oil well) to pulling out oil from the ground, transporting to a refinery plant, processing it, and bringing it as a usable product to the market. Businesses that are active in the field of energy are professional businesses that focus on a part of this process. The oil & gas industry has three key areas:

  •        Upstream
  •        Midstream
  •        Downstream
Downstream Activities
This part of activities comprises filtering the raw materials in refineries to produce usable products such as natural gas, petrol, diesel oil, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, lubricants, asphalt, heating oil, and LPG. Producing these products and also their marketing procedures are regarded as downstream activities. In this process, useful products and also petrochemicals are processed for different use cases in the society. This process is a very technical procedure that could only be done in special plants and refineries that use improved mechanical, chemical, and physical systems to convert raw materials to usable products. Downstream activities are the last phase of processing raw oil and gas before delivering to the final consumers.
Midstream Activities
After pulling out energy from underground resources, it should transport to storage places in which the processing of oil and gas takes place. As you might know, raw oil is not a usable product and it should undergo technical steps to become that usable oil we know. This process of transport and process raw energy materials is known as midstream activities in the energy industry. Transport pipelines, refineries, and chemical plants are some characteristics of midstream activities and companies.
Upstream activities
This domain of activities is also known as E&P, which is aberrative for Exploration and Production. Searching for underwater and underground resources of oil and gas that is known as exploration is the first step in establishing an oil and gas business. After that, these companies use drilling and various technical procedures to pull out oil and gas, which is known as production in this background. This type of activity from an economical perspective is very high risk and needs large amounts of capital that are not available for most people.

Our Solutions for oil and gas industry

Our company also offers other services such as packaging and procurement services for industrial companies that are active in this industry. In packaging services, we offer designed and working types of machinery and systems in a pre-made setup to these industrial companies. They can use these systems without any need to design a system from the scratch.

We also offer our procurement services to those companies who have more time to have in-site designed systems to process oil and gas products. We bring all of our services with a deep belief in the functionality of our values, which are creativity, affordability, and quality. Unicatecno Company is a technical and engineering company with the slogan “Think Smart, Act Efficient”, meaning we provide systems and solutions with proper functions that are beyond common offers in the market.